How To Lose 10lbs Or More in Just 3 Days Without Exercise Or Starving Yourself

This Simple Fat Loss Loophole Will Flatten Your Belly At Any Age In Record Time

You get invited to a friend's wedding on short notice. You want to go, but you're nervous about seeing old friends for the first time in years. That night, you remember the fat-burning secret and use it 4 hours before bed. By the time the wedding comes, you're wearing a dress that's 3 sizes smaller. When you walk in the church, your friends stare at you STUNNED.

Your spouse complains because you haven't had sex in months. They beg and plead, but you don't feel comfortable, especially with the lights on. Before plunging into another argument, you reach for the 5-day soup protocol on page 21. In less than a week, not only do you have more energy, you also lose 7 pounds. And magically, your sex drive is back.

You join a gym after New Years hoping it'll motivate you to get in shape. Three weeks in, you've only gone once. And now you're beating yourself up for not having any self-discipline. Then you remember the 4-hour fat-burning secret and use it the next morning after you wake up. Over the next 24 hours, you lose 2.5 pounds and your stomach feels smaller. Over the next 3 days, something magical happens. You lose 10 pounds. Suddenly, you have all the motivation you need to keep going.

If You Want To DOUBLE Your Weight Loss in Just 3 Days, Then Keeping Reading Below...

Did you know the average person over 50 has 70,000 - 100,000 calories of fat on their body?


It's just sitting there.

Clinging to your body.

Getting in the way...

And so, if you want to lose your belly...

Then you'll want to try what I've have been doing for a little over three years now.

It's extremely simple...

And if I can pull it off with two kids under the age of 8 at home...

...which means no super-long meal prep, no boring meals that kids wouldn't eat, and no marathon sessions on the treadmill...

Then imagine what it will do for you.

Now, I want to be upfront with you...

This isn't some "miracle drink" that magically flushes away 20 pounds overnight...

It's not some "fat-burning tea" that doesn't really do anything other than make you pee all the time...

And it's not some pill that goes nothing while you camp out on the couch all day watching Netflix with a big glass of wine.

At this point you gotta know those don't really work, right?

Here's the Deal...

  • This approach does work extremely fast (in as little as 12 hours for some)
  • It requires barely any "work" (except for lifting the fork up to your mouth)
  • This secret does NOT involve any exercise (although some do end up going for walks once the weight starts coming off)
  • And it will work for almost anyone who plans on eating today.

So if you plan on eating today, then I can guarantee this will help you.

Here's the story...

"Mommy, Why Is Your Belly So Big?"

For my 34th birthday, Keri and I planned a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico.

We got the grandparents to agree to watch our kids for 5 days straight (best sales job EVER!)...

We found an amazing all-inclusive resort right on the beach…

And for the first time since having kids, we were going to be all alone for more than just a few hours.

It was like heaven’s pearly white gates were opening up right before our eyes.

There was only one problem…

About 6 weeks before our trip, Keri sat down next to me on the couch and let out a huge sigh.

Even though she was going to the gym almost every night, her body wasn't changing and her cravings got worse.


How My Wife GAINED 10 Pounds of Fat Working With a Personal Trainer

Over the next few hours, she poured her heart out to me in a way she never had before.

She talked about how self-conscious she was about her body after having 2 kids.

She was worried that her metabolism was slowing down...

And that she wouldn't be able to get rid of the "belly pooch" in time for our trip.

Everyone was telling her how much harder it is to lose weight as you get older...

And now she was starting to believe it for the first time.

Which means, I had to act fast.

Why me?

Well, last time she ended up hiring a personal trainer at the gym down the street.

In fact, she was so determined, she signed up for a half marathon...

...which should have done the trick, don't you think?

Personal trainer + half marathon training = slim and sexy body, right?


She ended up gaining weight...

Her thighs and butt got bigger...

And after a month of working out, she always talked about feeling "thick" and "heavy".

It's like she was putting on some muscle AND fat, which just had her feeling gross all over.

Apparently 25 year old trainers don't really know what older women want 🙂

And so, I wasn't going to let that happen again.

I had to figure out something because tropical vacations as a married couple WITHOUT kids is like winning the lottery...

And so, I went to work.

How to Fix a Broken Metabolism

After working with a personal trainer for months while gaining weight, I dug a little deeper to figure out exactly what was going on inside of Keri's body.

I mean, it just doesn't make sense.

Who exercises more and gains weight?

Well, that's what happens when you have a broken metabolism.

Let me explain...

When you go on a diet your metabolism will slow down.

If you've dieted for many, many years then your metabolism is going to be really slow.

Dieting also increases hunger and cravings.

Naturally, when you eat less, you're hungry more often and your cravings become much more intense.

Have you ever noticed that your BIG cravings always hit when you're trying to "eat healthy"?

Well, now you know why.

Your Age Also Slows Down Your Metabolism

You may have heard of "Metabolic Slowdown" before...

And it's coming in adults because according to recent research, age is one of the most important factors in energy metabolism (aka your fat-burning metabolism).

Your metabolism decreases every year with age.

That means your metabolism today is slower than it was at this time last year...

And it's much slower than it was 5 years ago.

That means if you're eating on average the same amount of food daily as you were five years ago...

Your metabolism is much slower, which is how you gain weight.

Now, you might be thinking...

If my metabolism is slower every year, which means I'm burning fewer calories every year...

Then the only answer must be to eat fewer calories.

But as I mentioned before, eating fewer calories slows down your metabolism even more!

I know, it sounds like this is a no-win situation...

And it's why so many women and men struggle to lose weight as you get older.

Luckily, I discovered a secret fix that has been working like crazy, especially for women over 50.

How Do I Fix a Broken Metabolism So That I Can Get My Weight Under Control?

That's the question I needed to answer.

And after reviewing over 200 hours of audio and video lectures from some of the world's top doctor's, nutritionists, and anti-aging experts, one thing kept popping up...

The doctor's had a scientific name for it...

But basically when you do this for just a few hours a day, your body "resets" and it increases your fat-burning metabolism.

That's because when you do this, you increase your #1 fat-burning hormone, which is Growth Hormone.

Most celebrities call it your "Fountain of Youth" hormone.

And by simply doing the trick below every single day...

You can increase your fat-burning hormone levels by up to 1,300% in women...

And up to 2,000% in men.

That's more effective than high intensity interval training, an hour of intense cardio, or spending thousands of dollars on expensive hormonal injections.

This 4-Hour "Mini-Fasting" Trick Can Reverse A Broken Metabolism So You Burn More Fat

Year after year, more people come to me as their last hope.

Doctor's haven't been able to help them.

Joining a gym didn't work.

And eating healthier didn't make much of a difference.

Within just a few days they're over the moon once they realize how a simple "mini-fast" in the middle of the day can reset their broken metabolism...

And within 3 days, their body is burning fat again.

That's because when you give your digestive system a break, your body naturally starts burning more fat for fuel.

And yet, when you're told to eat 5-6 small meals a day, it's no wonder why you can't lose weight.

Just know that it's not your fault.

You were simply using the information you were given by "trusted" sources who didn't really have your best intentions in mind.

From 215lbs Down to 177 By "Mini-Fasting"

One thing that really jumpstarted my own weight loss was that I quit snacking (instead I started eating MORE at my meals, which was awesome!).

Before, even though I was eating "healthy" foods like fruit and nuts...

I was having 2-3 snacks a day.

And what I discovered from listening to my new Hollywood trainer friend (we can be "friends" if we never met, right?)...

Was that every time you eat, even it's "healthy food", you spike a certain hormone in your body.

And that hormone's job is to store food away for energy, or as fat.

So if you have more fat on your body than you'd like, your hormones are likely storing more of the food you eat as fat, instead of burning it up for energy.

One way to get around this is to quick snacking and simply eat more at your meals.

That's when a light went off in my head, because I was eating an early breakfast, a snack at 9 am, lunch around noon, another snack around 2:30 pm, dinner around 6 and then a bedtime snack after that.

After all, for YEARS we were told that 5-6 small meals a day "boosts your metabolism".

Apparently it also makes you fat, because that's what it did to me.

And so, shortly after making that simple shift...

  • For the first time in my life, I finally had abs I could see in the mirror
  • I got down to 173 pounds, which is 12 pounds LESS than I weighed in high school 20 years ago
  • I was eating more at my meals and never felt hungry or deprived
  • And most important of all, we set a positive example for our kids who are just learning about foods and are now excited to “eat what mommy and daddy eat!”

If You Have No Energy, No Time, and If You're Unable To Exercise...

Then "Mini-Fasting" Is Perfect For You

Mini-fasting has literally changed my life.

It hasn’t just changed my physical appearance, it’s changed the foods I feed my children, it’s added so many years onto my life, it changed the way I feel every day, and it changed my marriage.

That’s why I’m currently on a mission to point others – maybe you – in that same direction.


What Keri and I found on our own weight loss journey is that in order for this to work, you have to take baby steps.

If you’ve been eating a lot of processed carbs, sugar, and fast food, then going from that into a 6 month “clean eating” program is just too big of a jump.

You’d talk yourself out of it before you even got started.

The thought of committing to any program for 6 months would seem so daunting that you would never make the change that would improve your life and get the number on the scale moving in the right direction.

That’s why most people trip themselves up before you ever get started....

...instead of taking "baby steps" that lead to BIG results over time.

How to Lose Inches Off Your Stomach & Waist in Just 3 Days

And How I Can Personally Help You For Just $10

Like I said before, it’s time to start taking baby steps to finally lose your belly and get the slim and trim body you deserve...

And while you won’t lose your entire belly in just 3 days (you wouldn’t want to either because it would cause a whole other set of problems)…

You can take the first step in the right direction.

And realistically drop up to 8lbs in just 3 days.

However, the weight going down on the scale, or the inches melting off your waistline aren't what’s really important here.

What’s important is that you prove to yourself that you CAN do this…

What’s important is that you prove to yourself that something WILL work for you…

What’s important is finally getting rid of the “visceral fat” around your belly, heart, and vital organs so you can be around to watch your kids and even your grandkids grow up.

And now you can have a simple and easy-to-follow blueprint that you can pull out WHENEVER you want to drop a few pounds, get back on track, and jumpstart your new body.

It’s like having the cheat code that everyone else desperately wants but no one else can find.

If you’d like me to help you achieve all 3 steps listed above, then here’s what I have for you today.

It’s called the 3-Day Detox and it’s a step-by-step blueprint designed to quickly melt away your belly WITHOUT any exercise, counting calories, or restrictive diet plans.

Here's a Sneak Peak Into What's Waiting For You Inside the 3-Day Detox

  • The "Mini-Fasting" secret you can use to drop up to 10 pounds in one week (just like Sarah)
  • The 5 fat-burning foods you should eat every week to speed up slimming (hint: they're NOT veggies)
  • How to consistently drop 2-7 pounds A WEEK without exercise or starving yourself
  • The apple detox drink you should have 30 minutes BEFORE lunch and dinner that has a secret compound which forces your body to burn more fat
  • I’ll show you how an overweight doctor dropped 8.8 pounds in just 3 days without ever feeling hungry for a single second
  • Why you need to STOP eating certain fruits and vegetables because they make your belly bigger
  • The #1 reason why most women and men gain back any weight that they lose (and how to stop this cycle for good)
  • What to do if your weight loss stalls and you hit a plateau that won’t budge
  • The secret to effortlessly burning belly fat around the clock while eating bacon cheeseburgers for dinner and indulging in chocolate for dessert
  • The #1 fat-storing hormone – if you have unwanted fat on your belly, it’s NOT because you’re eating too much, it’s because your hormones are working against you. Luckily there’s a quick fix that can have you burning fat as soon as tonight.
  • How to easily shrink your waistline without doing ANY cardio
  • Why you should absolutely AVOID certain “healthy foods” like carrots, grapes, even apples, sweet potato, and corn
  • How one woman used this blueprint for 3 weeks and MELTED away 32 pounds when nothing ever worked for her before
  • How to get rid of sugar cravings without feeling deprived of desserts
  • How to never feel hungry between meals (even snacking on veggies can kill your results)
  • The #1 metabolism-boosting tea and how it make it in less 10 seconds right at home
  • The easy way to turn your morning coffee into a fat-melting machine (PLUS: the truth about whether coffee is actually healthy for you)
  • Exactly what to eat for breakfast for FASTER fat loss (it’s NOT fruit, low-fat oatmeal, organic cereal, or veggies)
  • The dessert that SHRINKS your fat cells while you sleep (I eat this almost every night)

Others Have Paid Me $997 for the Information Inside This $10 System

I’ve been helping women and men over the age of 40 lose their bellies for over 5 years now, and...

What you’ll be getting inside the 3-Day Detox is the most straight-forward and simple approach to get you results fast.

Not in a month...

Or 21 days...

Nope, we're going to get results in just 3 days, and...

When you prove to yourself that you can do that...

And it wasn't like every other "strict diet" you've been on...

Then everything changes and you'll never go back to the old version of you who was struggling and frustrated ever again.

So this isn't just about weight loss here...

This is about you becoming the person you were born to be by showing yourself that you really can do anything and sometimes you just need to be pointed in the right direction.

And that's all I am...

I'm you're pointer 🙂

Once you realize how easy this is, then nothing will ever be the same.

Your new body and your new life will open up to you in ways you never thought possible before...

And I only say that because I've personally seen it...

With myself...

And the thousands of people I've personally helped over the years.

It's time to break free, just like:

Shauna Lost 34 Pounds, 4 Inches Off Her Stomach, 7.75 Inches Off Her Waist and 3 Inches Off Her Thighs Using This Same 3-Day Detox Approach

Shauna J. who lost 16.5 pounds 3 inches OFF her stomach in just 21 days. 

And went on to lose 34 pounds, 4 inches off her stomach, 7.75 iches OFF her waist and 3 inches OFF her thighs in just 3 months

Even better, she was finally able to get her wedding ring back on for the first time in years

Iwona S. Lost 13lbs in Just 15 Days Which Skyrocketed Her Energy As a Single Mom

  • Down 13 pounds in the first 15 days alone
  • Lost 1 inch off her belly in just 2 weeks
  • "I can feel the different when I'm playing with my daughter. Her dad isn't around anymore and I need lost of energy."

And There Are Hundreds More Who Changed Their Lives Through This Simple 3-Day Approach

Glen Lost 25lbs in Just 3 Months

Erin Fit Back Into Her Old Jeans!

Christy Lost 20lbs One Day At a Time

Maxine Lost 8 Inches Quickly Without Crash Dieting

Many of these people have paid me a lot of money through my private coaching programs for the only reason that I was able to help them get the results no one else good…

…in a FRACTION of the time.

Even my personal coaching programs are all 3 months or LESS because all I care about is getting you the fastest results possible, and…

When you know how to do this, and why this works, then you won’t need me anymore...

Which is exactly what I want for you!

Because when you know what works and WHY it works, then:

  • Your body will look and feel YOUNGER without any expensive creams, lotions, or surgeries
  • You’ll save thousands of dollars on hospital bills and expensive prescription medications as you get older
  • You’ll finally be able to experience the FREEDOM that comes with being 100% comfortable in your own body
  • You’ll be EXCITED to look in the mirror every morning
  • You’ll be eager to go to the beach and show off your cute new bikini that you couldn’t imagine buying just a few short months ago

Why Is It Just $10, What's the Catch?

It’s true, this entire fat-burning system is just $10, and you will never be billed again.

There are no hidden charges or fees.

You won't be billed again a few weeks later out of the blue.

You see, here’s the real “catch”…

I spent 15 years pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to change the way my body looked, how to burn off my belly fat, and…

I wasted A LOT of time with confusing information that only made me look and feel worse.

I used to eat Raisin Bran with skim milk and a whole-wheat bagel as a bedtime snack because since it was low-fat, I thought it was healthy for you…


I used to eat tons and tons and tons of protein because I heard it “increases your metabolism” and helps you build lean muscle faster…


And I religiously ate breakfast first thing in the morning because I didn’t want my body to go into “starvation mode”…


I spent so many years following the wrong information and this all could have been so much easier if I had a simple blueprint to follow.

So after spending YEARS researching nutrition, getting my credentials, and using it for myself, my wife, and my personal clients…

I started a new mission to help as many women and men as I possibly can.

And while I would be happy to give this program away for free, most people don’t value what they get for free and you’d probably never get around to actually using it, so…

I want to make it affordable to everyone who is interested, and psychologically paying a few dollars will greatly increase your chances of actually following through with the program.

Then once you start seeing results just a few days from now, you’re much more likely to make these changes stick long term.

Here's Exactly What You Get When You Order the 3-Day Detox for Just $10

When you pick up your copy today, you’ll instantly receive:

Mini-Fasting Blueprint - $37 Value

Did you know that the average person has 70,000 - 100,000 calories of fat on their body?

It's just sitting there.

Now, what most people don't know is that fat is simply energy waiting to be used.

Which means you have THOUSANDS of calories clinging to your body just waiting to be burned.

And while you could try to burn it off with back-breaking exercise...

You could also just start "mini-fasting" and the extra fat will be gone in no time.

3-Day Detox - $37 Value

This 28 page full-color manual breaks down exactly what you will be eating and drinking over the next 3 days...

Along with the foods you should absolutely avoid to flatten your belly and shrink your waistline.

It's very straightforward, and very simple to understand.

And I just know you're going to love the cheeseburgers!

Grocery Shopping List - $17 Value

Once you pick up your copy of the program, simply print out this grocery list... 

Or pull it up on your phone, then head to the store to pick up all your yummy food.

Everything you need is on this list, so you don’t have to waste any time figuring it out on your own.

No more stressful trips to the grocery store...

No more wandering the isles, looking at nutrition labels...

And no more feeling guilty for buying the "wrong" foods.

30 Slimming Smoothies - $27 Value

One of the BEST healthy choices out there are...


The problem is, most smoothies are packed with sugar and carbs, which is why I put together 30 of the best smoothie recipes that help speed up slimming.

Simply make one for dessert every night you wish to satisfy your sweet tooth

How to Eat At Restaurants And Still Burn Fat - $27 Value

Restaurants are tricky because most of the food served is NOT healthy, and…

Even though you want to lose weight, you don’t want to be a hermit who never leaves their house for a meal. The good news is…

There are TONS of foods you can find at almost any restaurant that will keep your body in fat-burning mode, and…

And no, it’s not just a bunch of salads or dry chicken breast (BORING!!!)

Order In The Next 24 Hours & You'll Also Receive...

Because I actually want to see you succeed I’m going to add in an extra bonus for FREE!

Special Bonus #1: 10-Minute Low Impact Workouts

One thing that helps EXTREMELY well when it comes to the 3-Day Detox, is...

Low-impact exercise!

What's low-impact exercise?

Well, in this case it's a way to get your body moving that's easy on your joints, back, knees, and shoulders.

Unfortunately, over the years we've been lead to believe that you have to go super-hard in your workouts...

You have to do all these high-intensity workouts where you can barely breathe at the end...

And that's just not true.

The injury-rate in those high-intensity, go-go-go workouts is extremely high.

What good is exercising if you're sore for two weeks afterwards, where you can barely get into your car or walk up the stairs to your bedroom at night?

So what I did was create a series of low-impact movements...

In just 10 minutes a day...

That require ZERO equipment and can be done right at home (I usually do mine downstairs in the morning, before my kids wake up and the day gets super busy).

These workouts can be done even if you haven't exercised in weeks, months or even years.

And each workout includes modifications so they can be done at any fitness level.

Just 10-minutes, get in, get out, move on with your day.

Special Bonus #2: 5-Day Soup Detox

These "live longer" soups can help you drop up to 5 pounds in just 5 days. 

The fact is, one simple thing that helps you lose weight quickly is eating more...


Any yet, so many people forget about it and suffer eating chicken and bland veggies every night, however the truth is...

Nothing feels better than a big hearty bowl of soup that also helps shrink your waistline at the same time.

Now, you definitely don't want to order soup when you're out at a restaurant, because...

They add flour, canned beans, and other fattening ingredients to thicken it up 🙁

The good news is...

I put together a quick 5-day plan full of super-slimming soups you can make right at home in just a few minutes even if you're a horrible cook (hey...if I can make them, ANYONE can).

And now you can get the entire 5-day "soup detox" for free since it's the next logical step after finishing the 3-Day Detox.

Basically you go from eating my special cheeseburgers to hearty soups and you'll be shocked at what it does to your belly.

Get All This For a One-Time Payment of Just $10 Only If You Act Now

Here's the deal...

I love working with action takers who are ready to make a change in their life...

Those who are determined and can follow a few simple instructions for BIG rewards over the next few days.

And so, I'm more than happy to give you this huge discount but you have to act now because things are never going to change until you let someone help you, because...

If you were going to figure this all out on your own...

Wouldn't you have done it by now?

Look, life's going to get in the way like it always does...

And you're never going to get around to taking that first step towards the body you want.

Trust me, that first step can be as easy as you let it be.

You just have to take it.

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Down 4.5lbs in Just 3 Days During Menopause

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Look, I really want to help you, but what’s even more important as that this is a good fit for the both of us.

So, if you buy the 3-Day Detox (plus all the free bonuses) and realize that it’s just not for you within the next 30 days, all you have to do is send an email to our support team and we’ll refund every penny with ZERO questions asked.

That way, you can even go through the program up to 10 TIMES and still get your money back if you don’t get the results you desire.

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Derek Wahler, CTT, CPT