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Welcome to the 20-Day Kickstart program!

Here's the fastest way to get started:

  1. Read through the 20-Day Kickstart Main Manual below. This is the program you will start with. If you have any questions, send me an email.
  2. Read through the Morning Reset Tonics. Pick one to have every morning. You can switch it up, or have the same one every day. Just go with the ones you like the best.
  3. After you finish the 20-Day Kickstart, you can repeat it as many times as you'd like. Or you can move on to the 5-Day Soup Diet.
  4. Add in the Morning Toners below, do 1 every morning
  5. Add in the smoothies as a meal replacement whenever you're short on time (or as a dessert if you have a lighter meal)
  6. Below you'll see the Walk the Weight Off program. This is based on doing short home walking workouts. You can start them as soon as you'd like. Or you can focus on your nutrition and add in exercise later on down the road. 

20-Day Kickstart Main Manual


Bile-Boosting Breakfast Drinks


20-Day Kickstart Smoothies


5-Day Soup Diet


60-Second Plateau Fix

Walk the Weight Off Program


Morning Toners - Do 1 Every Morning

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Morning Belly Blast

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Morning Tummy Toner

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Morning Burn

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Morning Cardio

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