If You're Over 40 And Unhappy With Your Body...

How to Drop 10 Pounds a Month in Just 10 Minutes a Day 

Hey, Derek and Keri here and the only way you landed on this page is because you took the time to read one of my emails, so first of all…


You’re ready to transform your body and your life faster and easier than you could ever imagine possible…

And because I don’t want to waste any of your time, I’ll get straight to the point.

Over the last year I’ve received dozens of emails from women and men over 35 who are:

  • Struggling to lose weight
  • Frustrated with unwanted belly fat
  • Feel like NOTHING ever works no matter how hard you try
  • Feel trapped in a body they don’t recognize
  • While losing hope, feeling like they’re doomed to be fat forever (their words, not mine)
  • Tired of being ripped off by people and programs that manipulate your emotions and never deliver real results.
  • Struggle with stress eating that piles up more fat around your belly

And trust me, I get it…

All the popular diets, workout programs, and weekend detoxes are FAILING you big time, and here’s why…

The “experts” who create these programs never stick around to actually help you!

They sell you their diet book, or their workout program, and you NEVER hear from them again, unless they want to sell you more stuff you don’t need.

Something has to change because the truth is…

Losing weight and more importantly burning fat is NOT hard once you know EXACTLY what to do.

After all, who wants to follow some restrictive diet, or some confusing 200 page weight loss program that you’ll never be able to stick with long term.

Look, the ONLY thing that works when it comes to fast and permanent weight loss is this:


I’ve helped women and men lose up to 33 pounds in just a few weeks, and the only reason why it worked so well is because…

It was SUPER simple.

Most people make their weight loss programs extremely complicated…

Because if you truly knew how easy it was to consistently lose weight, these “experts” wouldn’t have anything else to sell you, and let’s be honest…

Most of them are just in this for the money.

But not me.

With a 3 year old daughter and a 1-year old son, I’m in this for the long haul, because the truth is…

All I want to do is provide a good example for my kids.

And maybe, just maybe, if they catch on to some of these healthy habits at a young age, they won’t have to go through all the pain and frustration I see so many people going through these days when it comes to their weight.

So really, I’m doing this for them.

It’s worth so much more than any amount of money.

Here’s the thing…

After Turning 40, My Wife Keri Was TERRIFIED That She'd Keep Packing on Weight No Matter What

On September 12, 2018...

Keri Abs

My wife Keri turned 40.

And no, it wasn't easy.

She tried her best, but she let the thoughts of only gaining weight as you get older and never looking as good as you did in your 20's get the best of her.

We all do when we get older, right?

So many "experts" talk about how everything slows down and your  metabolism isn't the same as it was when you were younger.

Especially after having two kids, she was on the verge of giving up.

And so, I made it my mission to help her in the EASIEST way possible...

To get the body she wanted without a lot of struggle, sacrifice, or frustrations.

30 pounds later, most people are SHOCKED when she tells them she's a 40 year old mom.

And now, it's time to pass those secrets on to you 🙂

Over the Past 4 Years I’ve Developed an Extremely Simple Formula for Dropping 10 or More Pounds a Month in Just 10 Minutes a Day

  • WITHOUT starving yourself skinny
  • WITHOUT counting every calorie that passes your lips
  • WITHOUT endless amounts of confusing information that leaves you feeling stuck with no idea what to do next
  • WITHOUT expensive pills or supplements that drain your bank account
  • And absolutely WITHOUT the extreme, back breaking workouts that kill your joints all because some meathead said that “high intensity” workouts were the only way to burn fat.

You see, here’s a little secret…

You don’t even have to exercise if you don’t want to.

Sure, exercise comes with a lot of health benefits, like improving your heart health and cardiovascular systems, however…

You Can Easily Lose 10, 30, Even 50 Or More Pounds WITHOUT Exercising At All

I’ve seen people lose over 100 pounds just by walking.

And the reason is because when it comes to losing weight and burning fat…

Exercise is only about 5% of the puzzle.

That’s it.

The other 95% is what REALLY matters, and I’ve broken it down into a simple system you can easily do in just 10 minutes a day.

No marathon workouts.

No extreme diets.

And definitely no crazy cleanses.

So Here’s What I’ve Decided To Do…

I want to personally help you, because after spending years creating nutrition programs and digital ebooks, I realized that giving you a system without ANY help implementing it is basically useless…

And it’s completely unfair to you.

It’s like an architect giving you the blueprints to a new house, handing you a hammer, and telling you to get to work.

So look…

Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 110, we can EASILY do it together…

Which is Why I Created a NEW Online Community Called: Zero

Where every week I personally help YOU drop 10 pounds or more a month in just 10 minutes a day…

Zero means zero excuses...

No more looking back at the past...

No more blaming yourself...

No more thinking about what you "should have done".

Today, we're all starting at ground Zero...

With a clean slate...

To turn your body, your weight, and your health into whatever YOU want it to be.

Over the next few weeks, months, or even years (if you want to stick around that long)...

I’ll be here day in and day out giving you the latest, cutting edge fat loss tips and tricks that make losing weight extremely easy.

Here's How the 10 Pounds a Month in 10 Minutes a Day Group Works

Each week I’ll personally email you 1-2 “action steps” to add into your daily routine.

They’ll be easy, simple, and there will be no confusion whatsoever.

Straight to the point for the FASTEST results possible because I don’t want to waste your time.

Everything will be completely clear.

You’ll know EXACTLY what to do. And since it’s only 1-2 actions steps a week, you’ll never be overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated ever again.

And the best part is…

Most of these “action steps” won’t take any extra time out of your day.

So no matter how busy you are, this can easily work for you if you simply follow along.

Along with the Weekly Action Steps, You'll Also Receive:

  • Brand NEW follow along workout videos every week
  • Monthly Detoxes
  • Monthly Challenges
  • 21-Day Fat-Melting Meal Plans
  • Motivational Videos that'll actually get you to take action
  • Access to every program I've created (Flat Belly Flush, 10-Minute Fat Flush, Flat Belly Detox, Morning Burn, Fat Shrinking Signal)
  • Weekly Delicious Fat-Burning Recipes
  • Access to our private Facebook Community for tons of support, motivation, accountability and coaching from myself and my wife Keri
  • Monthly Contests WITH Prizes (Amazon Gift Cards, Restaurant Gift Cards, Workout Gear)

It’s the same type of strategies Erin used to drop 15 pounds of stubborn fat...

While melting away 6 inches off her belly and waist...

Another 2.5 inches off her thighs...

And got down to 138 pounds for the first time in years while finally fitting back into her skinny jeans from high school.

Maxine Used This SIMPLE Formula To Drop 10 Pounds in the First 7 Days

Betty Lost 32 Pounds In Just 3 Weeks

Here's How to Know If Zero Is For You:

  • You want to lose 10 or more pounds in the next 30 days
  • You want a flatter, more firm belly
  • You want someone to help you along the way, so you never get confused, lost, or feel like you’re doing this all alone
  • You’d be happy losing 20-30 pounds by the end of the year
  • You never want to rely on expensive medication as you get older
  • You want to play with your kids or even your grandkids without get tired or struggling to keep up with them
  • You want to be around to see your kids and even your grandkids grow up, graduate high school, and start families of their own
  • You’re an action taker who's tired of living in a body you're not 100% happy with
  • You can follow 1-2 simple “action steps” a week that deliver the FASTEST results possible. These will not take an extra time out of your day, so even if you’re super busy, this will work for you if you simply take action.
  • You’re tired of the one-size fits all programs that give you NO support, NO help, and NO motivation to get the body you desire
  • You can afford to spend just $20 a month to transform your body, your health, and your life. If that’s stretching it for you financially, then please do NOT join. I have plenty of free videos on YouTube that can help you. Simply come back when you’re ready!
  • You’re ready to make a change NOW

If that sounds like you...

Then I can’t wait to help you along your weight loss journey that’ll finally end with you getting the body and health you desire...

No matter how old you are or how much weight you have to lose.

We’re In This Together Now, So Get Ready To:

  • See the SHOCKING look on your best friend’s faces when you walk in the room looking absolutely stunning, fit, and like a totally different person
  • See and feel your energy levels SOAR without relying on high sugar energy drinks, endless cups of coffee, or crazy pills that kill your health
  • Absolutely AMAZE your family members and friends with your new body of health that looks amazing WITHOUT spending hours in the gym or following some crazy diet
  • Never feel hungry again. I promise you can eat as much as you want of the RIGHT foods (and no, I’m not just talking about fruit and veggies here), always feel full, and while the fat continues to melt off week after week.
  • Take all the extra pressure OFF your joints, your bones, your knees, and your back so you can move around pain free
  • Wake up every morning feeling confident, sure of yourself, without a doubt in your mind who the person looking back at you in the mirror truly is
  • Never feel self-conscience about wearing a bathing suit EVER again

When You Know EXACTLY What To Do, Losing Weight, Burning Fat, and Getting the Flat & Firm Belly You Desire Is So Much Easier than You Think

So if you’re interested, I want you to know…

I usually charge $250 a month for this level of information and coaching, however…

At this point in my life as a husband and father of 2, it’s more about helping people and there’s no way I can live with myself if I left anyone out…

So here’s what I decided to do…

If you take action right here right now to finally make a change in your life...

You won’t pay the normal $250 a month fee that most people are happy to pay because it gives them a new lease on life they never experience before.

And honestly, you won’t even pay HALF of that.

You see, I have a soft spot in my heart for people who truly want to make a change, so...

Today You Can Get Exclusive Access to Zero for Just $1.

Yep that's right.

You can try it out for an entire week for just one buck and then YOU decide whether you want to stay or not.

And if you decide to leave, trust me - there won't be any hard feelings 🙂

I'm just here to show you how we can help you, and if it's not a good fit, that's ok.

To take advantage of your $230 OFF discount, simply click the button below, enter in your information in our 100% secure order form, and we’ll get started right away.

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Even Doctors Are Using This Simple Formula...

Like Dr. Sidyq Who Lost 8.8 Pounds In The First 3 Days Alone

Diana Lost 2 Inches Off Her Waist, 3 Inches Off Her Belly, and 5 Inches Off Her Thighs While Doing Her Happy Dance!

Iwona Dropped 15 Pounds In the First 13 Days With No Time to Spare As A Single Mom to Her Beautiful Baby Girl

Zero is NOT for Everyone

I truly would love to help everyone in the world, however this group was created for a specific type of person in mind. So…

  • This group is NOT for people looking to pack on muscle
  • This group is NOT for lazy people looking for someone else to do all the work for them
  • This group is NOT for anyone looking for the last gimmick to drop 20 pounds overnight or some other crazy claim

This group is for you if you're not completely happy with your body, and…

You want to start making changes without it taking over your entire life.

After all, what's the point of losing a ton of weight if you spend hours in the gym every day and your whole weekend is spent doing meal prep.


If you simply want to lose 15 pounds or more…

Or maybe drop 20-60 pounds by the end of the year…

Flattening your belly so you can feel 100% confident putting on your bathing suit next summer…

Or maybe you just want more energy to keep up with your kids or grandkids, as you make memories together that THEY will remember forever.

Whatever YOUR deepest desires around your body are, the missing piece is…

Simply having someone hold your hand and show you the way, guiding you down the easiest path as quickly as possible no matter how busy you are.

And this group will work for you, even if:

  • You’re super busy with NO time to spare
  • You struggle giving up sweets and treats (I’m right there with you!)
  • You’ve never been able to lose more than just a few pounds
  • You have too much stress in your life and satisfy yourself with food
  • The weight will not budge no matter what and you’re on the verge of giving up for good

You Deserve BETTER

The truth is, this is more than just a weight loss club, it's a MOVEMENT...

Where you finally get the results you desire because it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to fail with me helping you along the way, you see...

You deserve to live in a body you love and feel confident in…

You deserve to live a long and full life, to see your kids and even your grandkids grow up, graduate high school, and maybe even get married…

You deserve to be around for all the amazing memories you can create over the next few decades as you live in an amazing body of health that all your friends are secretly jealous of but would NEVER admit to your face.

You deserve to have more energy every day without relying on sugar filled energy drinks, endless cups of coffee, or crazy pills that only pile on more fat around your belly without ever giving you the sustainable energy you need to get through your busy day.

You deserve to finally have the Ideal Body you’ve always desired yet never thought was possible for you.

So if you want to finally make a change and start burning belly fat faster than you ever have before…

Then click the button below for instant and immediate access to the Ideal Body Transformation group…

And the second you do, I’ll be there with your first action steps to getting the flat and firm belly you desire…

Quickly and easily.

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If you’re not ready to join right now, I totally get it.

However, I can’t guarantee the $230 OFF exclusive discount will be available when you come back.

Make the right choice for you.

Always here to help,

Derek Wahler, CTT

PS – Since you made it this far, I have to show you the obligatory picture of my family 🙂


You see, there are so many “experts” online who scam hard working people like yourself out of your money, your time, and they take advantage of your trusting nature.

So if nothing else, I want you to know that I’ll always be honest and truthful with you.

I’ll always be here to help.

And I’ll always have YOUR best intentions at the front of my mind.

I wouldn’t be able to look my kids in the eye if I settled for anything less.

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Your Questions, My Answers

Here are the most common questions about Zero: Lose Up To 10 Pounds in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Q: I have bad knees and back issues, will this still work for me?

A: Honestly, I can’t guarantee that anything will work for you. However, you can still get amazing results without exercising at all. You don’t need to do these crazy high intensity workouts, or marathon cardio sessions to get results. In fact, you might even get faster results by NOT doing them.

Q: Is this just a program where you send me a bunch of workout videos and meal plans?

A: Absolutely not. Everyone’s doing that these days, right? And while those may help some people, it sends the message that you need to have your meals planned out for you in order to succeed.

I mean honestly, are you really going to follow a meal plan for the rest of your life? The second the meal plan or diet is over, what happens next? That’s right, the weight starts to slowly pile back on.

What I do is show you is EXACTLY how to strip away every last ounce of fat off your body in a way that’s:

  • Simple
  • Sustainable long term
  • Super easy

Every week, you’ll get a personal email from me with 1-2 action steps to focus on for the next 7 days. When you first read them, you’ll probably think they’re too simple to work. And that’s the point. The things that make the BIGGEST changes to your body are so simple and so easy ANYONE can do them.

And if you really want to workout, then yes, I’ll also provide plenty of low-impact workout videos that burn belly fat without ruining your knees, ankles, back, or joints.

Q: How do the payments work?

A: You can try it out for the next 7 days for just $1. If you decide to stick around, then it's just $20 a month ($230 Off). You can cancel anytime you want with no questions asked.

Q: What do I need to get started?

A: Simply click the button below, enter in your information in our 100% secure order form, then in just a few minutes I’ll be waiting to send you your first action steps to transform your body in just 10 minutes a day.

You don’t need a gym membership, equipment, or any special diet foods to get started.

And if you have any questions at all, send me an email at derek@dwahlerfitness.com.

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